Schwab, Flaherty et Associes is an international law firm specializing in financing, contract and corporate structures, civil litigation, and litigation within the United Nations/International Civil Service System. The firm offers legal support to individuals and organizations alike—providing firm-wide resources and coordinated efforts. Schwab, Flaherty et Associes is dedicated to reinforcing and expanding its reputation as a full-service law firm under Swiss and American law as well as the law applicable to the International Civil Service.

Human Rights & International Administrative Law

The following presentation discusses the applicability of international law and international conventions like the ECHR to international organizations such as the United Nations.  While the answer might appear to obvious, the legal immunity these organizations receive...

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Resources for Staffers of International Organizations

The following are helpful downloads and articles for staffers of international service organizations. Many of these resources and articles can be found throughout our site. For more information on how SFA can help you, please contact us today. Rule without Law:...

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Who Will Police the Caregivers?

The public revelation in 2002 that some United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) staff, NGO workers, and international peacekeeping personnel had been trading refugee aid and food for sex with young women and girl refugees in Guinea and Liberia, West...

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